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Our partners and associates

Lorem has developed 'end-to-end' customer centric solutions through the fusion of strategy, business processes and technology from Lorem and our partners that enable our customers around the world to better understand and manage their business lines, products, customers and delivery channels.

All our partners share a commitment to bring a fresh approach to business. All have an innovative approach to their offerings, the flexibility to offer unique value propositions and of course the commitment to provide the very best solutions.

With our partners we provide solutions that encompass the very best in consulting, applications, technologies, systems integration and best practice methodologies that will enable us to assist our customers, from developing an idea then managing and delivering it right through to full operational status.

Our solutions have been implemented by companies across all industry sectors and range in size from a single office to a global enterprise, can work separately if required, or together as a powerful integrated mix according to your needs and budget.

To learn more about our global partners and associates, follow the links below:

Stragetic partners


Lorem and Actura work together to bring broad, mature and details market intelligence with best practice sales and marketing methodologies. This ensures customers capitalise on their sales infrastructure costs as maximise their revenue as quickly as possible.

Actura was established in recognition of the fact that many companies were working with outdated sales systems and consequently their sales were flat or declining. We believe companies will struggle to succeed in todays rapidly changing business environment unless they adopt an alternative route to market.

Actura has designed and delivered valuable marketing and sales solutions to a wide range of industries and companies. We help our clients gain greater market share and revenues by selling their products and services using individually crafted, creative and adaptive sales strategies. We put these companies ahead of their competitors and give them the knowledge they need to stay there.

A.S.K. Learning

The A.S.K. Solutions Group empowers firms to manage their human capital as a strategic asset by providing them with the ability to:

  • Identify skills and skill-gaps within their workforce
  • Address requirements through blended customised learning and coaching solutions
  • Track and manage individual performance
  • Locate available specialised talent
  • Scale these solutions from individual staff member, through to worldwide implementations.

A.S.K. acts as a true partner to clients providing integrated and customised business solution, which maximise the effectiveness of the human resources. Our goal is always to positively - and where possible measurably - impact business performance.


Lorem and CorePROFIT have formed a partnership for Lorem to deliver CorePROFIT's new generation of costing and profitability solutions throughout the Asia Pacific.

CorePROFIT Solutions, Inc. assists large North American and global institutions, including several Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies, by delivering behaviour-based, transaction-level enterprise profitability information. CorePROFIT is dedicated to delivering to each of its customers, enterprise-wide customer profitability solutions that allow them to identify blue-chip customers and treat them accordingly, while developing new strategies for borderline and unprofitable customers.

e-PROFIT, is an OpenPoint based application that seamlessly integrates with your organisation's existing business applications to extract, compress, calculate and report enterprise-wide profitability. The web-enabled application leverages a "bottom-up" approach to calculate profitability at the transactional level for each customer and account, enabling your organisation to employ detailed information streams to determine the profitability and behavioural impacts of its customers on products, delivery channels and business lines.

Industry Associations

ACA Research Pty Ltd Callcentres.net

Lorem have formed a partnership with ACA research and its call centre research company, callcentres.net to provide our clients with the region's most considerable repository of knowledge available on customer service and call centres.

ACA Research is an international marketing research organisation with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Since its establishment in 1993, ACA Research has become recognised at the forefront of consumer and business to business market research, and is pre-eminent in call centre research throughout Australia and South East Asia.

Callcentres.net, a subsidiary of ACA Research, provides specialised research, analysis and industry information to the call centre industry throughout the world.

As call centres become an increasingly important relationship channel between organisations and customers, the need for up to date informative research is imperative to facilitate educated strategic planning. Callcentres.net provides and can help with the following information and services: daily newsletters, benchmark research reports, white papers, press releases, events management, call centre recruitment and call centre training.

University of Technology Sydney

The School of Marketing aims to meet our stakeholders' needs by influencing marketing theory and practice and by providing our students with practical quaifications in domestic and international marketing, MBA program and the Master of Business in Marketing. The School's main areas of research are international marketing, electronic commerce, marketing strategy, consumer behaviour and marketing relationships and networks.

Lorem have a close working relationship with the UTS School of Marketing through Lorem CEO, Graeme Hannel, occupying a position on the school's Advisory Council.

In addition to this advisory relationship, the School of Marketing have specialist expertise in company/product branding, customer segmentation and customer churn analysis that compliments the Lorem portfolio.

Lorem and UTS work closely to bring some original thought to the customer management and customer service areas.


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