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Market entry - Australasia, Asia Pacific and Middle East

Globalisation has prompted many companies to consider expanding their sales reach by targeting new geographic markets. While this provides a good opportunity to extend existing customer bases and increase revenue, breaking into a new market can prove extremely difficult for many companies. That's because there are several obstacles to successfully entering new geographic markets, including little or no market knowledge, language barriers, and no extablished presence or regional client references.

Lorem's expertise and contacts across a wide range on industry sectors and geographical locations can break into new markets more quickly and more efficiently than an internal sales organisation that is being built from scratch.

Whether you are looking at entering the Australian market or you are an Australian company expanding overseas; Lorem can supply a local sales team with a constant pipeline of qualified leads, enabling you to concentrate on closing real business opportunities rather than focus on generating leads.

A significant amount of financial and human resources is required to embark on an overseas sales or marketing campaign, including valuable and insightful market research. When entering new geographic markets, companies should consider the following success factors:

  • Do you have a background in the new market that you are targeting?
  • Do you have experience and local market knowledge?
  • Do you have an in-depth understanding of the industry sector in which your business competes, as well as a sound awareness of the products and services your company offers?
  • Can you overcome language barriers and cultural differences to develop a relationship with an overseas client?


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