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Outsourced sales

Stay ahead of the game...

Lorem helps clients sell more effectively using our 'closed loop' methodology that reduces time to market, lowers risk and gives you a competitive edge.

Many companies today lack the resources to sell their products or services across multiple countries, regions and markets. They face the challenges of difficult deadlines and maintaining sales momentum. Lorem provides the most effective way to access additional sales resources without the time-consuming hassle of recruiting new staff.

Lorem can manage an organisation's entire sales function, helping them to:

  • Sell smarter and faster and create new revenue streams
  • Generate more revenue sooner
  • Stay agile in the face of changing markets and business uncertainty
  • Enter new countries or regions without developing a local presence
  • Turn fixed costs into variable costs
  • Focus on running the core sales business while addressing new markets or products

At Lorem we don't just consult on sales, we sell for you. We provide optimised marketing and sales disciplines to help our clients generate consistent and predictable revenue streams.

Our unique, service-oriented approach to selling is designed to co-exist with client's existing sales functions, providing an alternative sales route to market. We can also represent a client's entire sales function to open up new markets. In either case, our services are seamless and invisible to customers.

Lorem innovative tools, know-how and techniques help companies supplement their existing sales with new, growing and thriving revenue streams.

We combine broad, mature and detailed market intellience with best-practice marketing and sales methodologies. This ensures clients capitalise on their sales infrastructure costs and maximise their revenue as quickly as possible.

Our strategies are very different from others in their design and structure - and they work!


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